Water sports in Ibiza

After a long season of hard work, the holidays finally arrived and you have planned a phenomenal week in the city of Ibiza, known for its festivals, beaches and landscapes that everyone should visit at least once in their life, especially if they have the possibility of renting a boat.
One of the funniest activities besides sunbathing and drinking a bottle of the best champagne on top of one of Barracuda Ibiza charter’s boats, is to practice water sports that add many points to the family or couple fun of those who visit the sea.
This company dedicated to the rental of boats, yachts and sailing or motor boats, also offers with its boats different equipment for having fun not only above the sea, but inside it. A great vacation, deserve to be lived in a mega yacht like Leopard 32.
The dimensions of this incredible yacht are 32 m length and 7 m beam, and the capacity is 8 to 12 people.
As for the space you should not worry, as it has 4 cabins and 4 bathrooms. Whether you want to spend just a day, a week or more, its facilities are very comfortable and elegant, perfect to feel at home or in a hotel of the best category.
It has 3 engines of 26 V – 200 M 92 CVR, which allows you to reach a maximum speed and cruise from 30 to 40 Knots.
When it comes to fun on the water, with the rental of this mega yacht, you will find different equipment to practice sports such as: Paddle Surf, Wakeboard, Jet Ski, 2 Seabobs, diving equipment, donut, Windsurf and a Williams tender.
The price varies according to the season: low 9.500€, medium 10.000€ or high 10.800€, prices do not include VAT and fuel, do not forget to check prices and availability.

Comfort at sea and on land
Thinking about the comfort of its customers, now this boat rental company also has car rental so you can move along the beautiful roads of Ibiza and know every corner on land as well as the sea.
They have a great variety of vehicles of the best brands, which adapt to the needs of each customer, more than 30 models available with different physical characteristics, between the categories you can choose economical, compact, all terrain, vans, motorcycles, Premium, minivan and more.
Book your car now and live a quiet and pleasant experience from the most comfortable rental vehicles provided by this company, the best of all is that you will not have to worry about looking for the vehicle in an agency but they themselves will get you to the airport of your preference.
Even when making the reservation you can ask to be taken to your mooring, so that you do not have to worry about anything other than enjoying beautiful scenery and an unforgettable experience. The prices are reasonable and you can rent it per day or per week.

Nautical Clothes

Navigation, requires that we dress in adequate way, both to avoid damaging our clothes and to protect our bodies adequately from the climate we will face. Nautical clothes that must be worn on board are mainly defined based on 2 factors: the time we will spend on the boat (if it is only a sunny day in which we will only use the bathing suit in a boat or if it will be a few weeks of stay in a sailboat surrounding a coastline) and the type of climate of the place in which it will be sailed, according to which the material of the clothing will be defined, which are usually summer or winter climates, for the latter, Barcos.Online offers the nautical jacket xm coastal red.

The most recommended
Regardless of the weather, for a stay of several days, you always have to have: garments that can get wet and resist and this characteristic is met by the nautical jacket xm coastal red size s, created under the strictest quality controls, offering protection in climates as cold as the polar and as comfortable as possible thanks to its articulated elbow pads, double zipper, fasteners for life jackets and more.

This jacket is made of polyamide and hydrophobic cover resists the attacks of the sea and extreme weather, also offers resistance to possible tears that may occur. outboard pull-2

Putting together the costumes
If you are a regular sailor and is the first time that you will face extreme cold weather is important to know that, in addition to this jacket, all your clothes must be adapted to the low temperatures you will experience, so the underwear should be warm and on this, the clothing should be completely waterproof so the nautical jacket xm coastal red is a complement to that set.