Nautical Clothes

Navigation, requires that we dress in adequate way, both to avoid damaging our clothes and to protect our bodies adequately from the climate we will face. Nautical clothes that must be worn on board are mainly defined based on 2 factors: the time we will spend on the boat (if it is only a sunny day in which we will only use the bathing suit in a boat or if it will be a few weeks of stay in a sailboat surrounding a coastline) and the type of climate of the place in which it will be sailed, according to which the material of the clothing will be defined, which are usually summer or winter climates, for the latter, Barcos.Online offers the nautical jacket xm coastal red.

The most recommended
Regardless of the weather, for a stay of several days, you always have to have: garments that can get wet and resist and this characteristic is met by the nautical jacket xm coastal red size s, created under the strictest quality controls, offering protection in climates as cold as the polar and as comfortable as possible thanks to its articulated elbow pads, double zipper, fasteners for life jackets and more.

This jacket is made of polyamide and hydrophobic cover resists the attacks of the sea and extreme weather, also offers resistance to possible tears that may occur. outboard pull-2

Putting together the costumes
If you are a regular sailor and is the first time that you will face extreme cold weather is important to know that, in addition to this jacket, all your clothes must be adapted to the low temperatures you will experience, so the underwear should be warm and on this, the clothing should be completely waterproof so the nautical jacket xm coastal red is a complement to that set.

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